We are hiring a doctoral researcher!

Doctoral Researcher in Human-AI Interaction – Aalto Engineering Psychology Group


  • Full-time position focusing on Human-AI interaction and user studies.
  • Apply psychological theories to Human-AI interaction research.
  • Contract: 2 + 2 (4 years).

Team & Research:

  • A part of Aalto Engineering Psychology Group.
  • Focus: Human-AI interaction, Human augmentation.


  • Eligible for PhD at Aalto University.
  • Master’s in HCI, AI, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology, or related.
  • Expertise: Quantitative User studies, Statistical modeling, Intelligent systems, Human augmentation.
  • Proficient in scientific writing, statistics, R/Python.
  • Strong interest in experimental psychology.
  • Commitment to Open Science/Open Source practices.
  • Collaborative, excellent English skills.


  • Monthly salary: 2,693.21 EUR + health benefits.
  • Comprehensive Finnish social security.
  • Located at Aalto University Otaniemi campus.
  • Workload: 1,612 hours annually.