GenAI meets Augmented Reality

Revolutionizing 3D Modeling: Esko Evtyukov’s Real-Time Generation System Esko Evtyukov, a research assistant in the group, has developed a cutting-edge system combining generative AI and Augmented reality. This system allows users to generate detailed 3D models in real-time by describing what they want to see. This means designers, architects, and creatives can now bring their… Continue reading GenAI meets Augmented Reality

New scale on attitudes towards augmented humans (Ubicomp 2023)

Have you ever wondered how to measure what people think about cyborgs? Steeven Villa presented our paper, with Jasmin Niess and Albrecht Schmidt, on developing a questionnaire to measure attitudes toward augmented humans at UbiComp 2023. The paper is published in IMWUT and can be accessed here (open access; open data here and it’s own… Continue reading New scale on attitudes towards augmented humans (Ubicomp 2023)

Honorable mention at CHI Play 2023

Work on locomotion in VR with Reetu Kontio, Markus Laattala and Perttu Hämäläinen and our group won an honorable mention award at CHI Play2023! The paper can be found here (open access).