Summer is over and our foreign students are leaving

Marissa Verbokkem (B.Sc. Student from University of Amsterdam):

„I joined the group via the Aalto Science Institute international summer research program. During my time at Aalto, I worked on a research project studying non-verbal social behavior (specifically proxemics) in Virtual Reality (VR). I was involved in a number of different tasks surrounding the research project, such as designing an experimental protocol, testing participants, writing the scientific method, coding and analyzing data in R, and contributing to background research on topics involving proxemics, social anxiety and VR.
For me, the summer research program was incredibly fun; I have had the honor to work with especially kind and smart people from all sorts of different fields. I was involved in a broad range of tasks, which gave me the opportunity to expand many different skills, ranging from coding to collaborating with other researchers and even contributing to scientific writing. Although I was only in Aalto for a short period of two months, I look back on a very educational and exciting two months
and I am very thankful for the unique opportunity and all the support and guidance from everyone in the group.